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Bucovina Region is one of the best-known and most beautiful historical regions of Romania, situated in the North of the country, on the right bank of the river Suceava. Bucovina is a true ethnic and cultural mosaic, and it's very appreciated for the painted monasteries which are famous all over the world, for the Marginea black pottery, for the lovely traditional clothes as well as for its woodwork (woodcarving has always been one of the main occupations in this area and it may even have given the region's name, as buk means oak in German).
Mountains and hills very rich in vegetation occupy most of its territory, with peaks rising to more than 2100m in the Calimani Mountains, the highest volcanic structure in the Carpathians and the most recent mountain peaks in our country. The weather conditions are favourable for tourism all year long, but don't forget to bring a sweater with you, as even in the summertime it's usually cooler here than in the rest of the country.

Touristic towns


Other attractions

The Painted Monasteries:



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