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Maramures Region is situated in the North-West of the county, at the border with Ukraine. This legendary territory was a free area during the Roman occupation, but had close trade relations to Dacia Felix, the Roman province situated on most of the present territory of Romania. The Region is famous for its traditional architecture (especially the wooden gates and churches), the ornamental hand-made weaving and the colourful, imaginative traditional clothing found all over, as well as the local customs and festivals. Each first Sunday of the month one of the villages down the valleys holds a fair, so be sure not to miss it if you're in the area.
You can find incredible sceneries throughout Maramures, as the altitude ranges from 200m in the lower areas to over 2300m in the Rodna mountains. The mountain chains helped make of Maramures a barrier against Roman rule, Tartar invasions, as well as the extending Catholicism brought by the Hungarian rulers.

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