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The legend says that Dragos, a Romanian ruler in Maramures, was once chasing a huge bison in the forests around here and he finally managed to kill it nearby one of the largest rivers in the area, but unfortunately not before the bison killed his dog, Molda. In the memory of his faithful dog, Dragos named the river after her, and this is also supposed to be the origin of the region's name.
Moldova's rulers were very religious (especially Stefan cel Mare - Steven the Great - in the 15th century), and they used to build monasteries after each war, to express their gratitude for resisting fierce armies, like the Turks. These buildings later became important touristic attractions. The Moldavians are also appreciated for their gift to tell stories and the delight of listening to the locals telling stories of any kind in their sweet dialect should not be missed.

Touristic towns


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Moldavian Monasteries:


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