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Muntenia is the large region decreasing from the beautiful Bucegi Mountains in the North towards the large plains bordered by the Danube to the South and East. This region has great touristic value, thanks to the spectacular mountain landscapes around Prahova Valley, the fishing ponds along the western bank of the Danube, the natural wonders around Buzau but also to the numerous ruins and museums in Bucharest and the other cities in the area.
Due to its geographical position, at the intersection of many transcontinental roads, this region has always been an important connection point, where different towns acted as political, administrative, cultural or economical centres of Romania throughout the ages. Even nowadays, Bucharest, situated in the centre of Muntenia Region, is the Capital of Romania and the largest metropolis in South-Eastern Europe.

Touristic towns


Prahova Valley:

Bucharest sourroundings:

Other attractions

Natural wonders:


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