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Timisoara, the county seat of Timis County, is a city which has always boasted to be the first in one respect or another. In 1869 it was the first city in Romania where common transportation on water was used on the Bega Canal. The same year, it also becomes the first city in Europe to use horse-pulled trams for public transport. In 1884, Timisoara becomes the first European city with electric lighting. On December 20 1989, it becomes the first city in Romania liberated from communism rule. The phrase Azi in Timisoara, maine in toata tara! literally means "Today in Timisoara, tommorow in the entire country!" and was used as a headline during the 1989 revolution against the communists. The German and Hungarian minorities here are so well integrated in the city's life that there are three state theatres where performances are played in three different languages: Romanian, German and Hungarian.

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